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Editor’s Picks

Our editor Jared Baker is a movie connoisseur. He’s been with Feature Films for Families for over 15 years and has worked on almost every movie we sell.


We’ve acquired many of the movies we distribute from other filmmakers. These films have great lessons that we want our customers and their families to experience. Unfortunately, these same filmmakers may not be as dedicated to keeping their work free from the inappropriate content that we’d all prefer to keep away from our families.

We negotiate with those film producers to do additional editing of their movies to enable us to give you the same great story with its profound lessons, minus the more offensive content.

As he diligently edited films for us over the years, Jared created his own list of favorites. He considers these films shining gems that stand out among what is already a great library of movies. He hopes that you may find these films particularly entertaining, moving, and life-changing.  They certainly made an impact on him as he edited them.

Today he’s sharing his list with us and what he likes about each film.

A Little Princess


I am touched by how much the heroine of this film embraces humility and never seeks revenge for the pain she has endured. It inspires me to see only good in people.  To give them the benefit of the doubt, just like the heroine of this film does.  It looks dated, but that doesn’t change the power of the film itself.

All Creatures Big and Small


A fun movie with great voice acting, quality animation, and a sweet story.  It feels like something Pixar could have done.  I really enjoyed watching this film.


From Time to Time


A well done period film with a very creative premise.  A fantastic cast, great acting and a great story about helping others as well as remembering/respecting your ancestry.

Gordon Family Tree


Better for adults and older teens.  A great story about a man trying to find what he really loves and how it changes him and those he meets along the journey.  I think you’ll have a few moments with a lump in your throat when you see this one.



If I had Wings


I love this film about a blind teen with big dreams or running cross-country and a troubled teen that becomes his running mate.  I feel like it is touching on so many levels for both characters.  I’m personally inspired by the story of the troubled teen becoming something better and the blind teens drive to conquering his own limitations.

Jack & The Beanstalk


A Tale with a Twist – This film is fun, a little hooky (And that’s not bad!) and a nice overall parody of traditional fairy tale tropes.  There are also a lot of fun cameos from some celebrities.  I enjoyed working on it!  I think kids 7-13 would really like it!

Jane and the Dragon (Vol 2)



We offer two collections of this series.  We hand-picked episodes we found specifically value based and character building.  The animation and character design are a little different, but I was quickly enchanted by it!  I love all the characters!  They are each such great role models for kids.  It’s the kind of TV I want my own children to watch.

Jumping for Joy


A Feature Films For Families Original.  With great acting, a wonderful story and just packed to the brim with great life lessons!  And all the while, your kids would never know they are learning what it means to be a better person.  You WILL NOT be disappointed with this film!

Mayor Cupcake


Tired of traditional politicians?  This film does a great job pointing out how horrible politics can be and how character and kindness is the most important quality in a leader.  In a super-charged world of politics, this film inspires me.  Reminding me that the key to making the world a better place is us, holding on to our own values.

Pig Tales


A Feature Films For Families Original.  This is a simple animated series with simple characters, simple situations and great lessons learned!  Kids will love it and it has just a small sprinkling of appropriate humor that adults will still enjoy.



A Feature Films For Families Original. An oldie, but a goodie.  This is one of our most popular titles that so many people grew up with in the 90’s.  The story is still as timeless, the music still beautiful, and the characters still just as special.  Want to know what Feature Films For Families is about?  This film embodies it.

Seasons of the Heart


A Feature Films For Families Original.  Losing those we love is hard.  Losing a child the hardest.  Sometimes we need help healing.  Seasons of the Heart is a film that I think is good medicine for anyone that has ever lost someone they care about.  Be prepared to cry while watching this one.

Slow Moe


A Feature Films For Families Original.  Anyone that was picked last in P.E. will appreciate this film.  A boy that loves sports but just isn’t good at them. Yet, he has solid heart and character.  The film is fun and adventurous, yet still carries all the lessons and moments of growth that makes our exclusive films stand out above many others.

The Buttercream Gang


A feature Films For Families Original. This film has so much power in the lessons presented.  It feels a little dated, but the message is just as timely now as it ever was. If you haven’t seen this film, that needs to change. You will be glad you did.

The Ghosts of Dickens’ Past


A Feature Films For Families Original. This is based on the life of Charles Dickens and his experiences that lead to the writing of his great masterpiece, “A Christmas Carol”.  It feels almost like a dramatic biopic.  A little better for older teens and adults.  I love the message regarding Dickens’ fears that he will not be able to earn enough money to keep him and his family off the street.  A fear I think more and more of us adults feel in today’s world.

The Greening of Whitney Brown


How do you begin your life again when you lose everything but your family?  I love that this movie teaches that life doesn’t end and can even lead to good things when our lives take a dramatic shift for what seems like the worst.  A great movie for preteen and early teen girls.

The Princess and the Pea


A Feature Films For Families Original.  The traditional fairy tale has been given the Feature Films For Families treatment.  It feels like an old-school Disney animated film but teaches far better character along the way.

The Three Investigators in the Secret of Terrill Castle


An adventure and mystery film that has a sort of old-school “Scobby Doo” feel to it (without the talking dog and hippie clothing).  It was easy for me to get caught up in the film, and I greatly enjoyed working on it.

The Velveteen Rabbit


A Feature Films For Families Original. This movie is a real gem. The live action acting is solid and moving, the animation is fun and involving, all around a core message about family and love. I can’t tell you how proud I am to have worked on this film!